IEC 865

IEC 865 is a program for calculating the mechanical effects of short circuit current to flexible busbars according to IEC 865-1:1993 Chapter 2.3.
As a special feature you can store the data of conductors and isolation (registered version only) in the IEC 865 database. Therefore you don't need to enter the required data for each calculation. The data is called from the database.
For details of calculation method and required parameters see IEC 865-1:1993 chapter 2.3.
For double precision calculating IEC 865 uses MathLib (copy included). Therefore the program requires PalmOS 2.0+.

Main window

In the main window you can enter the parameters needed for the calculation.
The isolation and conductors can be selected from the lists. The data of the lists can be added at the isolation and conductor windows.

Conductor window

In the conductor window you are able to enter new conductors or edit the existing ones.
See IEC 865 for details of parameters.

Isolation window

In the isolation window you are able to enter new isolation or edit the existing ones.
See IEC 865 for details of parameters.

Result window

In the result window you can see the results of calculation :-)
In the registesterd version you are able to save the results into a memopad record.

Tech Support/Info

I make no guarantees to provide technical support, but if you need some feel free to mail to:


For registration please contact me under Registered user will get a version without the nag screen and free updates forever. In the registred version you are able to edit the isolation and conductor data.


The author of IEC 865 is not affiliated with Palm Computing, and is not liable for any damages caused to the user or the user's computer equipment (including both their home PC and their Pilot). This program has been tested on a PalmPilot Professional/Palm III and to the best of the author's knowledge will not harm similar equipment. However, by installing this product the user dissolves the author of all liabilities related to this program or otherwise.

This program requires MathLib

MathLib is a free shared library that can be used by any OS 2.0+ Pilot program that needs IEEE 754 double precision math functions. It's distributed under the terms of the GNU General Public License, and is freely available with full source code and documentation at the MathLib Information web page. It's not a part of PalmSharp, and you're not paying anything for its use; a copy is simply included in this archive for your convenience. For more information on MathLib, see the MathLib webpage at


Version history

Version 1.3 : Now really fixed a bug in solving equation no. 33. Sorry for the last version.
Version 1.2 : Fixed a bug in solving equation no. 33. Therefore psi wasn't calculated correct for all cases. ;-(
Changed the registration mode to a user dependend registration key. So I have to maintain only one version of source code.
The parameters of the last calculation are now saved and restored at the next start of IEC 865.
Version 1.1 : Fixed an internal bug in event handling. Now the menu shortcuts work again and you can edit the text in the input fields in the normal way
Version 1.0 : First public release